BadLads Dedicated Server#

Install using SteamCMD#

  1. Install SteamCMD
  2. Start SteamCMD
  3. Log in with a Steam account or anonymously: login username password or login anonymous
  4. Specify an install directory: force_install_dir PATH:\SteamCMD\server_location
  5. Run app_update 1203110 validate to download the BadLads Dedicated Server public branch.

To update the server, re-run the SteamCMD commands.

Running the server#


Before running the linux server for the first time, you have to copy SteamCMD's file to ~/.steam/sdk64/. Here's a quick oneliner that does it for you:

$ mkdir -p /home/steam/.steam/sdk64/; cp /home/steam/.steam/steamcmd/linux64/ /home/steam/.steam/sdk64/

Run the server with:

./ -log -port=7777 -useperfthreads -SteamServerName=My-Server-Name

Run the server with:

BadLadsServer.exe -log -port=7777 -useperfthreads -SteamServerName=My-Server-Name

Server paramater configuration#

The startup command, prefixed with -, can be appended with the following startup parameters:

  • SteamServerName=MY-SERVER-NAME - specify the server name, use dashes instead of spaces.
  • port=7777 - specify the server port.
  • useperfthreads - flag allows the server to use multiple threads.
  • autoupdate - will shutdown the server when a new major version is out, will not shutdown for hotfixes.